Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Green Door Tavern

My fixation began sometime last summer.  It all started when I read this article about the oldest bar in every U.S. state.  The article got me thinking it would be a fun goal to try and visit as many of the bars on the list as possible.  Booze and history?  Sign me up!

Not long after I read the article, we took a trip to Italy, which was the perfect opportunity to explore my new found interest in historical pubs.  My first visit to an "oldest bar" started in Rome at Antico Caffè Greco.  It was fun - and from there, the fixation was full on amplified.

Ever since that silly little oldest bars article, I've been intrigued by the whole idea of visiting historical pubs.  And I was happy to discover that the oldest bar in Alaska is just down the road in Kodiak!  Sadly, (and surprisingly) I still haven't managed to poke my head in there yet.  I'll get there!  And of course, you know they'll be a blog post about it.

So, on to the topic at hand.  We took a trip up to Chicago not too long ago, and I was looking forward to continuing with my historical pubs venture. We didn't make it to THE oldest bar in Chicago, but we did manage to see one of the oldest:  The Green Door Tavern.

What a fun atmosphere!  It was predictably chock full o' crap hanging from the ceiling and cramming the walls.  It made me immediately think that Frank and Mike from American Pickers would want to haggle for some of the pieces on display.  It also reminded me of The Green Parrot in Key West.  Same old-timey feel.

The stairs down to the bathroom were just packed with antiques.  There was an old pinball machine hanging on the wall that screamed vintage.  I may or may not have flicked the flippers when no one was around.

There were tons of antique metal signs, historical photos & interesting things to look at everywhere you turned.

Apparently The Green Door Tavern opened its doors in 1921 and was a speakeasy during prohibition.  There was a "secret" door to the downstairs speakeasy, but it was locked when we were there.  Maybe because it wasn't even noon yet.  What?  Bloody Marys!

We had a few drinks at the bar before heading off to our next escapade.  I can't even remember what we did after this.  That's bad, considering it wasn't that long ago!

Hubby & my favorite Curcios

 It's a fun stop if you ever find yourself in Chicago.  It'll fill the billet for the Illinois portion of my historical pub sleuthing.  I'll take it!

Ta-ta for now.

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