Thursday, June 2, 2016

House Camping

Aaaand, here we are.  The movers came this week and hauled away all of our worldly possessions.  They were like moving ninjas.  So fast.  Zip-zip, in and out.  And now we're temporarily living in a mostly empty house. 

Our first dinner on tiny, fold-up camp furniture

We held back our basic necessities like clothes and toiletries, and we've been using our camping cookware for dishes and pots/pans.  Throw in the air mattress and folding camp chairs & table, and we're downright minimalists. 

God bless the camp cookware!
Of course, it didn't take long for me to curse the fact that I didn't hold back my rain boots.  Because I was lulled into a false sense of summer sunshine when there was no rain and glorious, brilliantly blue skies for 5 days in a row. 

And then Kodiak remembered it was Kodiak and it's been raining every day since the movers came.  Dog walks in sneakers = soaking wet feet every time.  Ah, well.  Live & learn.

Speaking of his highness, he's so not on board with all the moving chaos and the now empty house. He begrudgingly sleeps with us on the air mattress.  Poor pup.  What a tough life he has. Ha. 

So we have a few more days in the empty house, a top to bottom house detail that needs to be done, an inspection check-out from base housing, dropping off the hubby's truck to be shipped on a barge to California, and then we're renting a little cottage by the beach for our last week here in Kodiak.

I'm looking forward to our cottage stay.  It'll be like a mini-vacation before we start traveling.  I've been saving my last library book in anticipation of the down time.  It will be a relief to have all the packing, cleaning, purging and anticipation of moving day behind us. 

Now I can start fretting about the ferry ride and road trip.  One fret at a time, right?

Ta-ta for now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We've moved twice in the last three years so I fully understand what you're going through, haha! Yes, I've thanked my lucky stars for those camping equipments that hubby and I have! I wonder how non-campers have done it? Wow! Camping mattresses are a blessing, aren't they? Speaking of, our camping air mattress has seen better days and it's about time to buy a new one. I'm excited to find out there are some new models out. I've seen the reviews on this site and those were awesome: