Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Big Green What?

"A Big Green what?" is pretty much the reaction of anyone who isn't familiar with it when I mentioned we were getting one.  That would be a Big Green Egg.  It's a ceramic grill.  But not just any ceramic grill.

It's the grill that the hubby has been lusting after for over 10 years.  The grill he's talked about getting for as long as I've known him.  The grill he not so secretly salivates over when he sees it in someone's yard.  Imagine a grown man wistfully lamenting, "Aw man, they have a Big Green Egg!"  I'm so glad he finally pulled the trigger on his mini-obsession!  He deserves it.

Once he assembled the base and put it all together, the next inevitable question was, "What's the first thing we should cook on the new hotness grill?"

After some back and forth, we settled on the obvious answer.  Ribs.  Of course.  So, we trotted our little butts down to the commissary to pick up some ribs and begin the inaugural Big Green Egg-athon.  Yeah, baby.

Slab 'o pork

The hubby has a dry rub he's been using for years that's tasty on pretty much any meat you feel like grilling.  Couldn't tell ya what's in it, but it's always good!  He slow cooked the ribs for about 4 hours and they turned out fabulous.

It turned out to be a Big Green Egg weekend.  Because after the inaugural rib dinner, we ended up doing pizza on the grill the next night.  The pizza was even better than when we cook it in the oven because the internal temperature of the grill gets the pizza stone so much hotter - which equals a crispier, perfectly cooked crust.

Almost there!  - Half pepperoni, half red pepper

I've decided I need to take ownership and get a handle on the ins and outs of cooking with the new grill.  Stay tuned for my first meal on the Egg!

Ta-ta for now.

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