Friday, April 14, 2017

The Top of the Slide

Man, I'm starting to sound like a broken record.  Why?  Because here I am spouting the same shpiel about being on the verge of moving.  Again.  Tough to believe we're staring down that barrel.  Again.

This time is slightly different, though.  We haven't even lived here in Sacramento for a full year, and we're already prepping to leave.  Sacramento has been many things, but mostly...fleeting.   

A normal Coast Guard tour is usually 4 years, but since the hubby advanced to a new rank, this tour was cut significantly short.  So here we are the top of the slide.

Just a little more time and we'll be pushing off, gliding down to another cross-country road trip, another life overhaul. I'm hoping that easygoing playground vibe follows us on our trip down the slide!

The prospect of doing it all again - only 10 months or so after our last move - is slightly daunting.  But I will say that my love of list making has helped me get a handle on it.

Between my pre-move checklist, my post-move check list, my master PCS packing list, and my road trip itinerary spread sheet...I've got this shit down.  Let's hear it for fastidiousness.

So now it's just a matter of pushing off the slide.  Wish us luck!

Ta-ta for now.

I'm sure this exceptionally cute travel companion will boost our morale!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More Trippin'

That would be ROAD trippin', for all you delinquents that may have thought otherwise.  Ha.  We're tip toeing toward the end of our tour in California, so it's about the time to start doing those last few things we want to cross off the Cali list before we leave.

Ahhhhh...the beach.

And that included a roadie out to Bodega Bay.  Why Bodega Bay?  Well to be honest, the answer is chowder.

Chowder, and my low beach light was blinking.  The American River here in Sacramento is great and all, but I've been jonesing for the beach.

So, off we went.  Bodega Bay is about a 2 hour drive west of us, so a nice leisurely drive through wine country. 

I tracked down a dog friendly hiking trail down to a secluded beach, a pup friendly cafe, and we tooled around the zig-zagging Bay Highway and Westshore Rd. along the bay. Which predictably equaled a good time had by all!

Cheet got to run around off leash at the beach with some new pup friends, which of course is his own personal doggie nirvana.

What I need to remember - which for some reason I'm severely challenged with - is remembering to throw a towel in the Jeep before we go out adventuring.  We inevitably end up with a sandy, salty, but decidedly satisfied dog when we're done.  And a dirtier car. Gotta remember the damn towel.

Which brings me to the chowder.  After our mile long, tomato-face inducing hike down to the beach and back, we headed over to a cafe overlooking the bay for some lunch and beers.  And the aforementioned chowder, of course.  What a beautiful day.  And rest assured, top notch chowder & fish tacos were had. 

The hubby had mentioned that Bodega Bay is known for good chowder and oysters, and that was all it took to plant the road trip seed.  Fun day trip for sure.

Needless to say, my low beach light isn't flashing quite so brightly after our roadie to Bodega Bay.

Ta-ta for now.