Saturday, January 2, 2016

The 2016 Kodiak Polar Plunge

Forty-Two degrees.  That's what the water temperature was at Mill Bay Beach when I pulled the trigger on the 2016 Kodiak Polar Plunge.

And it wasn't exactly a sun-drenched, picturesque day.  It was extremely Kodiak out.  Imagine around 40 degrees, dead overcast, winds at about 30 mph, and rain blowing sideways.  Beautiful day for a swim, no?  Ha.  Hey, it only makes it more legit.  Not just any Polar Plunge.  The Kodiak, Alaska Polar Plunge.

The obvious subtext being that I'm hard core.  Ha, again.

The conditions on 1/1/16 at Mill Bay Beach, Kodiak, AK

For those who may not be familiar, the Polar Plunge is exactly what it sounds like.  A bunch of slightly imbalanced folks pull off a somewhat coordinated group run into the ocean on New Year's Day every year.  And this year I decided to join them!

The hubby was the opposite of interested, so he came as my unofficial documentarian. Is that even a word?  Whatever, he took pictures and stayed dry and sane on the beach while I ran willy-nilly into the freezing cold Pacific.  What a riot!

I guess it's time to do this shit!  Here we go!

I managed to persuade a co-worker and her husband to take the plunge with me, and what a frickin' blast it was! I'd do it again, no question!  It was a short dip, to say the least.  We - along with somewhere around 100 or so other crazies - were in & out in no time at all.

Aaaaand, we're out!
I have to say, it took all of 30 seconds for my legs to start numbing after we bolted out of the icy water!

But, how invigorating!  It's just too fun when there are countless others, from little tykes to oldsters, running next to you doing the same insane activity.

This won't be my last Polar Plunge!  I might just make it a new New Year's Day tradition.

Me & my co-worker - who I persuaded to join my nonsense!

Cause you know what?  Any activity that extracts that much joy, endorphins, and all around hilarity for such a large group of wackos inside that short amount of time is worth repeating!

Polar Plunge, baby!

Happy 2016, all!

Ta-ta for now.

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