Sunday, January 10, 2016


I'm blaming the holidays for my rampant lack of blogging as of late.  It's really a 50/50 combo of "I've been holiday busy" and "I don't have anything to report."  Well, besides my New Year's Day Polar Plunge nonsense.

But, enough of the excuses.  I decided it was time to kick myself in the butt and get back into a regular blogging routine.  And also try to self-motivate.  Because frankly, I've been a crafting deadbeat.

I can name about seven projects right off the top of my head that I started at some point in the past year or, um four, and just didn't get around to finishing.  It's a sad state of affairs in my crafting world.

So, it leads me to the inevitable.  I'm not a big new years resolution kind of gal, but I think this year might be the time to make a resolution.  I've forced my own hand with my flagrant crafting procrastination.  Procraftination?  These random started and never finished projects need to get the eff done already.

So I'll call it a win here:  I've posted something new on the old blog, and I'm putting a little fire under my ass about ending my procraftination.   Do you like that portmanteau as much as I do?  Probably not!

Here's to a new year...and less creative dilly-dallying.  Wow.  I just channeled my 6th grade teacher with that turn of phrase!  Short but sweet & picture-free post this week. It's all I could manage. 

Happy New Year!

Ta-ta for now.

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