Monday, February 9, 2015

The Altered Book Art Show

I had grand plans to enter the Altered Book Art Show this year, but somehow neglected to get my act together in time.  I even had my idea all planned out with the supplies I would need, but managed to let the deadline slip past me.  I'm promising myself I'll do it next year!

This was the second year for the show, and there were some fun entries.  I think this craggy, funky tree was my favorite from this year:

Can't you just picture it as a prop in the movie Coraline or The Nightmare Before Christmas?  It has that quirky style and feel to it.  Reminds me of a Tim Burton-type creation.  (Just a sidebar - Tim Burton wasn't actually involved in the movie Coraline, but the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas helped write the script and directed Coraline. So both movies have the same feel.) My point being that this altered book gave me that same erratic, oddball impression.  I was digging the tree.

It's hard to say which of the other entries were my favorites, but they all have little pops of uniqueness going on.  The carved out middle with the illusion of the same design throughout the hollowed out circle is cool on this one.

And the recessed area with all the little accessories smack in the center of this carved out dictionary was intriguing.  Sort of a mystery to solve as far as the significance of each trinket the artist chose to include.

I liked the colorful layers through this next one, and the fully 3-D house in the second one was detailed and sort of cryptic.  The sign above the house door says, "It all began with a simple question that no one could answer."  Mysterious, no?

I wasn't really sure about this next one.  It was sort of a hanging, mobile type piece with a bird poking out of the front.  It was interesting, but I didn't really get it.

Just like last year, there were lots of creative pieces at the show.  Minus mine, that is!  So next year, I'll be sure to get it together and enter my "masterpiece" before the deadline. Here's to not procrastinating for the 2016 show!

Ta-ta for now.

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