Friday, March 28, 2014

Installment Number Three

I hope you're not sick of reading about crab recipes yet.  Because this is the third installment of the "How to Eat an Absurd Amount of Crab in About Six Months" recipe collection.  The sheer variety in how many ways you can prepare crab is pretty remarkable.  It's kind of like chicken.  You can do so many different things with it and there's lots of variety between each meal.

Basically, every weekend has become crab recipe weekend.  I snoop around online for unique ways to prepare it until I find a recipe that piques my interest. - And then it becomes the next weekend crab adventure.  We've experimented with a whole range of different recipes over the last few months.  This time, (which was probably sometime in February) we tried Crab Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms.  It was quite the tasty departure.

The left is the crab mixture before it's all blended together, and the
right is everything mixed and ready to go into some Portobellos

It's a Paula Deen recipe, you can get it HERE if you're interested.  We followed it exactly, except for two little differences in the bread crumb topping.  We added a touch of Old Bay to it, and used a little bit of butter instead of non-stick spray to get the crunchy, brown end result.

We managed to finish off the first 10 lb box of crab we got, and now we're working on the Snow Crab and second 10 lb box of King Crab.  For this mushroom dish, we used the Snow Crab.  Add a salad, and it was an easy little meal to pull together.  Easy when you have a stock pile of crab to pull from, anyway.  (But you could definitely make this and substitute the crab with vegetables, too)  I think our next crab undertaking will be crab risotto.  Why not, right?  Here's our final plated Crab Stuffed Portobello:

It's a short and sweet post this week!  Further installments in the Crab Challenge 2014 will be incoming.  Hope you're up for it!

Ta-ta for now.

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