Saturday, January 25, 2014

That's Right..It's Wreath Time

This is one of my favorite renovation sites
I have a habit of reading a pretty big variety of crafting, home decorating and design blogs to
get ideas for projects I think look fun and artsy.  And that I think I could realistically tackle, of course.  Sometimes I'll see a project that looks fantastic, but there's no way in hell I'd be able to pull it off with my level of handiness and/or crafting ability.  Not doubting myself, just being realistic!

All I'm saying is check out Pinterest Fails.  Sometimes you just miss the mark!  And I crack up everytime I look at the "after" pictures compared to the Martha Stewart version that's posted on Pinterest.  There used to be a site called Regretsy that was the same kind of thing, only it showed the crazy shit people tried to sell on Etsy - the handmade/vintage goods website.  Regretsy doesn't exist anymore, but check out this article I found with some examples of Etsy disasters that were once posted on Regretsy.  Funny stuff.  Or extremely naive with a dash of delusion, depending on your point of view.  I'm 99% sure that Tinkerbell pillow is going to give me nightmares.

Might as well multitask, right?
If you've been reading my blog long enough, you know I have a tendency to go off on tangents.  I just reeled myself in.  Aaaaand, we're back.

So, I was researching different types of DIY wreaths not too long ago, and I found this great link to all different types of do-it-yourself wreaths for the front door, or wherever you want to put them.  I really liked one of the felt flower wreaths I saw, so I ordered the supplies I'd need from my BFF Amazon and dove in to craftiness once they arrived.

I'll be straight with you, though. - These little flowers are on the tedious side.  Especially the fancy ones with petals.  That's why there's only a handful of those in my finished wreath!  The pain in the ass factor was high on those.

Making the flowers is something you'll want to do while you're sitting in front of the TV or watching a movie in the living room.  Sort of like knitting.  Not that I knit, but the point is that you can make progress, and you can have your attention elsewhere at the same time.  I followed the tutorial I found HERE to make the flowers.  They're really easy.

The grapevine wreath form I ordered is 19 inches around, so that translated into about 70-80 felt flowers.  All you need as far as supplies is felt, a hot glue gun, and hot glue sticks.  (Along with a wreath form, obviously)  Now I know it doesn't look professionally done, but I also know it wouldn't be featured on Pinterest Fails or Regretsy.  Here's my finished felt flower wreath:

Didn't come out too terribly!  I wanted something to brighten up the front door during these gloomy winter days.  When the fog is so thick and the gray, misty air seems to smother me, I know my happy little yellow wreath on the door will cheer me up.  Even if it is almost Pinterest Fail worthy.  Just kidding. - I think it came out cute!

Ta-ta for now.

P.S. - Here are a few links to some of my favorite crafty/decorating/design haunts, if you're interested in checking them out.  Just click the text to go to the site. - These (mostly) ladies are so talented and inspiring:

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