Friday, January 3, 2014

Off With Their Legs!

We got in on a pretty choice local fundraiser for the Kodiak baseball team not too long ago. In the past, I've found those kinds of fundraisers are usually sales of cookies, popcorn, or something similar.  Not up here in the last frontier!  Their fundraiser was a considerably good deal on 10 lb boxes of Alaskan King crab legs.  How could we possibly pass on that?

So, we placed our order and waited for the deliciousness to arrive.  After getting a little garage freezer to stash our seafood loot, we were ready to go.

Hubby was so very happy with the  freezer we picked up.  Apparently it's been on his wish list for quite some time, but we had no garage or other place to put it when we were in Key West, so on the back burner it went.  I swear sometimes he goes into the garage just to pet the freezer.

The crab arrived as expected, & I wasn't at all prepared for how big the legs would be!  They're almost as big as my arms. 

Now that we have a nice little stockpile to pull from, we've been predictably indulging in crab way more than we would otherwise.  Plain old steamed crab legs with drawn butter, crab mac and cheese, crab breakfast burritos...definitely a major perk of living in the great white north.

I can confidently say that this is hands down the best crab I've ever had.  I remember the first bite. - The hubby said, and I quote, "Oh, sweet Jesus."  Yeah, it's that good.  So sweet & flavorful.  And the size of the meat that comes out of these legs is unreal, it borders on obscene.  So. Much. Meat.  And now the adolescent boy in me is thinking, that's what she said.  Sorry, I had to.

Lots 'o crab meat
I think about when I would order Alaskan King Crab legs anywhere in the lower 48, (which I still feel like a poser saying since we haven't lived here for that long) and they weren't even close to being as big & flavorful as they are here, so close to the source. 

The quality of it reminds me of how easily accessible and tasty the Florida Spiny Lobster and Stone Crab claws were in Key West. It's not too shabby living close to fresh, accessible seafood. - Either north or south, for that matter.  Off the boat seafood is and will always be a huge bonus to living in remote, coastal locales.

We're definitely planning to get another batch of crab while the season is still in play. -  I know I've got a taste for it now, and I'm pretty sure the hubby will be on board with another batch once we've wiped out our little crabby storehouse.

And I know for a fact that I want to give a go at some kind of homemade crab bisque or seafood chowder of some kind. Maybe with some crusty bread and a salad?  I'll seek out Ina or Cook's Illustrated for some magic on that front.  I'm happy just thinking about it!

I'll check this one off as a niiiice benefit to living in Kodiak.  Mmmmm, crab.

Ta-ta for now.

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