Sunday, July 3, 2016

Horse Flies, No Extra Charge

We're talking horse flies the size of quarters - no exaggeration.  That little gem of reality a few weeks ago at our campsite at Watson Lake in the Yukon was by far the worst part. We got chewed up!

More like "Gateway to Horse Flies"

By the way, this is what happens if a horse fly bites you near your eye.  It's super sexy.

Of course, my joke is that I got a little mouthy and the hubby gave me a fresh one.  Calm down sensitive Nellies, it's just a joke.

I don't know if you can really tell from my picture, but my whole eye was blown up and swollen.  Like I had a full on brawl with someone.

Super itchy, full of fluid and weeping for a few days. I had this eye whopper, and 3 other bites on my arms and body.  The hubby was chewed up, too with half a dozen bites of his own.  It was awesome.  Freaking horse flies. 

But aside from the damn flies, the site itself was picturesque with a peaceful view of the pines.  We upped our camping game and got an indoor/outdoor rug to catch all the filth before dragging it into the Cricket.  Festive and practical.

Along with our uninvited flying guests, we had another unexpected scenario at old Watson Lake.  One of the trailer tires had a piece of shale lodged into it, which caused a flat.

Not too surprising considering the conditions of some of the roads.  We had a tire plug repair kit, so the hubby macho-ed it up and took care of business.

Oh, and another notable:  a 6 pack of Coors Light cans was about fifteen bucks out in the Yukon sticks!  Granted, it's Canadian dollars so really only about 11-12 U.S. dollars, but that's still ridiculously inflated.  Whatever, those frosty cold Coors Light were worth it!

Our theme for today's camp:  Coors Light & bug spray - with the mascots, of course

It was funny, at one point on the road we stopped to get gas at a combo cafe/gas/campground type spot, and got to talking with an old codger who was at the campsite.

He asks, "So, are you guys heading outside?"  Once he saw the looks of confusion on our faces, he clarified, "You know what outside means, right? It means you're traveling outside of Alaska and the Yukon."

Consider us schooled.  So, I guess that's exactly what we were doing.  Heading outside.

Onward we went on our journey to the outside - minus the horse flies!

Ta-ta for now.

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