Friday, June 10, 2016

The Real Kodiak

I managed to find us a cute little cottage to park ourselves for our last week here on Kodiak, and I'm in love with it.  It's a tiny house down on Mission Rd. in a part of town I've come to think of as "the real Kodiak." 

Of course, Cheety adds interest to all pictures.  ;)

Why the real Kodiak?  Well, it's a part of town that was essentially washed away in the 1964 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, but many of the homes have been lovingly restored.  It's an interesting dichotomy of revived homes and cabins along with sagging, somewhat sad, old places that make the area original. And waterfront views don't hurt!

Our cottage is in a sweet location down the street from the beach and across from a small lake called Potato Patch Lake.  The view out to the lake through the back kitchen window is nothing but calming, and the mountains and Mission Bay out the front just begs you to gaze out and ponder...whatever you feel like pondering.

The backyard and Potato Patch Lake
The mountain view from the front of the house
Across the street

The inside is charming, decorated with Kodiak-themed art, nautical pieces, historical prints, and antique-style knick-knacks.  At first glance, it seemed cluttered and overcrowded, but somehow all the photos and artwork are cohesive and work together.

There are cute little details all throughout the small space, and it's those little details that add flair and individuality to the cottage.  Like the ceramic flowered doorknob and the whimsical gull salt and pepper shakers with Kodiak, AK painted on them.  Adorable!

Not only was the decor fun, but the practical features of the rental were just what we needed:  in-unit laundry, wi-fi, and it was pet-friendly. All of this paired with excellent views, lovely amenities, and the ability to explore neighborhoods in town I've never seen before was super duper.

It made me a little sad though, because I really wish that we could have lived in town during our 3 year tour here.  (Even more so now) What a different experience Kodiak would have been!

If you're wondering - as of 2013, Coasties stationed outside the continental U.S. are required to live on base unless you intend to purchase a home or your family is too large for base housing to accommodate.  Since we weren't prepared to buy a home in Alaska when we arrived and it's just the two of us and a Pugbull, on-base living it was!

We're on the 11pm ferry this Saturday night, so wrapping it up and relaxing before the big journey south is about where we are now.  This week of down time in the cottage was the perfect way to spend our last week on Kodiak.  The "real" Kodiak!  I'll miss it!

Ta-ta for now.

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