Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunny Day Cocktails

The most important part of this post is the sunny day part.  Since we only get to see the elusive sun once every 3 weeks or so this time of year, I was busting with cocktail fever since it was actually a weekend day when the sun Gods decided to bestow upon us what we once took for granted.

Dramatic, I know - but oh, so sadly accurate.

The cocktail I settled on was an exercise in experimentation.  I was looking for a something fresh and spring-timey, so champagne with a dose of fruitiness was calling to me.

And the sunshine just made for a fantastic excuse to indulge in day booziness. 

My experiment was a combo of champagne, blueberries and pomegranate.  I can't say it's any specific drink recipe. 
Then again, you can't really mess up a simple champagne cocktail.  I whizzed up some blueberries and Pom in our Nutri-Bullet, and strained the liquid through a mini-strainer.

Cause nobody wants a chunky champagne cocktail, now do they?

Along with our cocktail experimentation, we decided to set the Cricket up in the driveway and go pet it in preparation for our inaugural camping trip next weekend.

That, and bask in the sunshine with booze, that is.

How damn cute is this Cricket?  The Hubby's pretty cute, too.
Cheety had his fair share of sunbathing, too

I have to say - I will miss our backyard view
We puttered around and checked some of the connections for water, etc. and hung out inside just for the hell of it.

It was funny, several of our neighbors came by to check it out.  Well, because it does look pretty unique.

And we do live in the land of camping and outdoorsiness.

The plan is to take our first camping trip with the Cricket next weekend.  Rain or shine - because eff Kodiak.  It's time for spring outdoor fun!

Cheety seemed to be okay with the Cricket, too.  I'm sure he'll cozy right up on the massive road trip this summer.  He won't have much of a choice there!

So, here's to more sunny days in the future.  And cocktails.

Ta-ta for now.

I felt the need to blur out our address.  No need to be completely transparent.
Good Lord, could I be any more corpse-like??

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