Sunday, September 27, 2015

Something to be Said

You know, I've loved summer in Kodiak for as long as we've been here, and always thought it was the best season here.  But I have to say, there's something to be said for fall. 

It's a definite contender for summer.  I was driving into town the other day at just the right time, and the sun was creating this fabulous orange glow on the mountains. - Just highlighting the absolute best of the auburn and golden colors that are the essence of fall.

Moments like that make me appreciate that slow slide into winter.  Maybe that's why it's called fall - because we're falling into the winter.  There's something about it that borders on magical.  I know - heavy handed.  But it's wrapped up in the crisp air, and the golden light, and the slow crunching of the grasses, and the shifting of vibrant greens to gradual ambers...and so much more that's hard to capture.

And the sunrises and sunsets this time of year?  Gawd.  Just gorgeous.  I don't know what it is about this season that makes the sun come alive when it wakes up and goes to bed, but it's hard to ignore.  

October 2014 sunrise

It's like the sky kicks it up a few notches once autumn rolls around.  It's stunning.

Lenticular clouds at sunset, USCG Base Kodiak - Autumn, 2014

Kodiak sunset - Autumn, 2014

Don't you think I'm on to something here?  I'm sad to say goodbye to Kodiak summer, but there's clearly something to be said for fall!

Ta-ta for now.

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