Monday, May 18, 2015

Unruly Freezer Begone

I realize the subject of this week's post will be compelling for maybe three of you out there.  But I have a - we'll just call it a preoccupation - with organization and tidiness.  Now don't get me wrong.  This doesn't mean that my home is strategically tidy or excessively Type A in the neatness factor.  Much.  I'll admit to pockets of tidiness.  But not nearly as asinine as it would be if I lived alone, I tell ya.

Here's a funny story.  I was giving the hubby a hard time about leaving random cabinet doors open after he's spent time cooking or prepping in the kitchen. - Because open cabinet doors?  Come on.  Just close them already!
Closed = tidy.  Open = so not tidy.

Anyway, I was out when he came home from work for lunch one day, and when I got back home later after he left I walked in the kitchen and immediately started laughing out loud.  Because what my hilarious husband decided to do was to leave every single cabinet door wide freaking open just to mess with me.  I laughed for a good minute.

And then promptly closed every last door.  Of course.

So as you can imagine, the fact that our freezer had devolved into this nonsense was not A-okay in my I heart tidiness world view:

Every time I would attempt to get anything out of the freezer, it was like embarking on a freaking archaeological dig. Oh, were you looking for some peas?  Prepare to stand there with the door open, sifting through mysterious piles of frosty stuff for longer than you'd like.

It was annoying and I mentally cursed the freezer every time I opened it.  I had to do something about it.  And it was going to involve the label maker, by God!

Yes.  I have a label maker.  Don't mock it till ya try it.

Sturdy plastic bins designed for freezer storage were procured, and categorizing the pile o' mystery frozen things began.  I ended up with four main categories:  Meat & Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, and Nuts & Seeds.

I can continue to confidently stand behind my claims of having pockets of Type-A tidiness in my house.  And the freezer counts as one now.  Behold the newly organized freezer in its plastic bin, labelled glory:

You can't beat the pull out handles to easily access everything in each bin, and I loooove that there's no more digging around looking for the damn lima beans for 5 minutes.

Hooray label maker!

Disarray - 0.

Tidiness - 1.

Do ya love it as much as I do?

Ta-ta for now.

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