Monday, March 2, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

I'm hoping my St. Patrick's Day wreath survives Kodiak's "spring" weather this year.  Because last year's wreath?  It didn't do very well.  I kept it simple this year, but still a fun and festive decoration for the door on these seemingly unending rainy, gray days.  The dreariness is seriously heavy.  And as I might have mentioned before, it's freaking OLD.  So - a happy, Irish wreath for the door?  Yes, please.

I still have some old supplies left over from my teaching days, so I pulled out one of the shamrock templates I traced from a printable onto a manila folder eons ago to use for the wreath.  I'm 99% sure the last time it was used was for a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt for about twenty-five 7-year-olds around 15 years ago.  What?  I'm a crafting supplies hoarder.

The template was perfect for cutting out a bunch of shamrocks from different green patterns of scrapbook paper I had.  And yes, I still have little kid-sized scissors.  They tend to work better with smaller, intricate cuts than normal sized scissors.  And I'm a crafting supplies hoarder, remember?

I picked a few different patterns of paper in similar shades of green for the shamrocks.

For the wreath, I used a Styrofoam mold and wrapped green fabric all around it, securing it with pins and hot glue.  I just informally bunched up the fabric until it looked the way I wanted.  Sort of casual and scrunched.

I wanted to try and make the paper a little more weather friendly, so I coated both sides with Mod Podge to seal it before I glued them to the wreath.  We'll see whether that actually works!

I thought it could use something hanging in the middle, and I looked for a whimsical leprechaun that spoke to me, but no luck.  (See how I did that, there?)  I ended up just calling it a day after getting the shamrocks secured.  Maybe I'll revamp it later.

I hung the wreath using a piece of burlap in a simple, secure knot.

You've got to love the less than aesthetically appealing front doors they install in base housing, right?  I like to think the wreath helps a little bit in that department!

Aaaand one more pic for good measure:

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Here's hoping my wreath doesn't get too destroyed by Kodiak's relentless rain. 

Ta-ta for now.

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