Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sometimes Island

This is the little spit of land that's underwater when the tide comes in
That really is the name of the island.  It's kind of poetic.  If the tide is low, enough land is exposed that you can walk over to it, but once the high tide rolls in, water fills in the peninsula and it reverts back to being an island.  So naturally, it's been dubbed "Sometimes Island."  There's something kind of charming about the name. 

It's right up the road from Base Kodiak, so we checked the tides and took the Cheetster over there last weekend to frolic off his leash.  It was a much needed excellent weather weekend, with sunshine to spare.

I've said it before, but living in Kodiak sure makes you appreciate sunny days more.  I remember bitching when it rained for more than a few days in a row.  Now I'm marveling at more than a few days in a row of sunshine.  Four days in a row with sunshine and no rain?  Break out the grill!

It's just reality that misty, overcast, gray, and rainy dominate over sunny, clear skies in this part of the world.  But the positive spin on it is, you really, really appreciate beautiful, sunny days.  People are so happy the sun is out, that there's this tangible energy among everyone, everywhere you go.  It's the unspoken, "Wheeeeee, SUN!"

It's that time of year when spring starts to gradually peek its way through, and you can see in some of these pictures the little shoots of green struggling to emerge through the dried out winter grasses.  It's just a matter of time until the mountains turn back to that unbelievably vibrant green.  I can't wait for that change to happen!

It won't be long now till we're carpeted with green, and Alaska's Emerald Isle is back.  Even though we're not quite there yet, apparently it was warm enough for a swim...

Sometimes Island is a great spot for his highness to be off leash, since he really can't get into too much trouble.  He can run out his energy, unsuccessfully chase birds, roll in stinky things, and generally have a good ol' doggy time.

I'm hoping we have more sunny weekends like this one to look forward to as spring emerges and eventually slides into summer.  Come on Emerald Isle, you can do it!!

Ta-ta for now.

Water break - We laugh that he was panting in sixty degrees, considering he used to be active in much hotter temps!

He was a stellar rock climber along the beach

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