Friday, April 25, 2014


We took a drive out to Pasagshak last weekend to see if we could spot any of the gray whales that are migrating past Kodiak right now.  It was a bust.  We found a spot with an outrageously commanding view of the water though, so we'll probably head back there sometime in the next few weeks to try our luck again at whale watching.  Gray whales migrate all the way from Mexico up the west coast and into the North Pacific and Bering Sea every year at this time, so we have a few more weeks to try and catch a glimpse. 

It was so nice to get out of the house since it had rained the entire day before and we pretty much stayed holed up at home.  Never an ideal way to spend a Saturday.  Pasagshak is about an hour drive from our house, with beautiful mountain and water views all along the way. 

Point A is our house, and point B is the Pasagshak, Narrow Cape and Fossil Beach area

Once we got there, we did a little off-roading to get to an accessible cliff side on Narrow Cape.  We drove about half way to the edge, parked, and then walked through an impressively buffalo poop covered field the rest of the way.  Spectacular views:

I'm all bundled up because it was super windy up there.  It cuts right through you if you don't have the right clothes on!  Thankfully, I was all set and toasty with windproof layers.  This is the spot we're planning to head back to sometime in the next few weeks to try again.  The view is elevated over a huge expanse of the water, so it's a perfect spot for whale watching.

The poop culprits - Free range Buffalo roam all over the area

We also took a walk down on Fossil Beach, which is the beach you see way down below the cliff side in the picture above.  It was a good place to let the Pugbull off his leash so he could run around.  Of course, he had a blast.  It's incredible to watch him run at full speed.

He's a fast little mother when there aren't any fences.  Hell, he's even fast when there is a fence.  You can't really tell here, but he's tearing ass down the beach in this one:


The hubby loves, loves, loves his truck
We decided this area might be one of our first forays into camping this summer.  I bet the night skies are unbelievable out there.  No lights whatsoever to wash out the stars.  We can rent a tent from MWR (Moral, Welfare, and Recreation) on base, and we pretty much have everything else we would need for a camping overnight.

Although, based on the condition of that field, I wouldn't be surprised if we had an early morning buffalo wake up call!  Buffalo are peaceful, right?

Fossil beach is beautiful, with black sand, all sorts of beach driftwood, lots of room to roam, and pretty intense looking surf.  Add in the mountain backdrop, and it's an impressive place to explore.

I love this picture of Cheety and the hubby.  There's something about the way all of the colors and textures compliment one another. - And the "let's go!" body language & smiling expression on that Puggy-Boy's face.  Pretty good day, even though we didn't get to see any whales.

Here's to another attempt!

Ta-ta for now.

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