Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ever Heard of an Egg in a Hole?

Since our PCS to lovely and remote Kodiak, Alaska, I've been in that inevitable post-moving unpredictable transitional time.  Also known as unemployed.  Isn't that a nice little euphemism for unemployed? Unpredictable Transitional Time.  And I made that up all on my own - Has a nice ring to it, no?  Ha.

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last.  The whole frequently getting uprooted factor - from friends, to your routine, to your job, to your favorite haunts you'll leave behind - it's probably the most difficult part of being a military spouse.  It's challenging to let go sometimes, but also part of the fun & somewhat erratic nature of this kind of lifestyle.  Grand Adventure, right?  Wheeeeee!  A relevant job and regular income will come in time like it always does, and I'll find new routines, friends and favorite spots. If I've learned anything so far, it's that!  With that little tid-bit off my chest, I'm sure at this point you're wondering what any of this has to do with an egg in a hole.

Well, being my hopefully short-term unemployed self these days, I've become even more of Food Network whore than I was before.  Alright, maybe that's a little harsh.  I've always loved The Food Network, but I've discovered a gold mine of Food Network shows I never knew existed.  Alright fine, gold mine is a little much, too.  Maybe I'm channeling the dramatic again today.

The point is - The Pioneer Woman!  It's this hokey show I've been tuning in to on Food Network.  It's about this gal named Ree Drummond, who lives on a working cattle ranch with her husband and kids somewhere out in the country.  It's funny, she doesn't specify exactly where it's located, she just says it's "out in the middle of nowhere."  On one of the episodes I caught, she made an egg in a hole for breakfast.  I wasn't at all familiar with what an egg in a hole was, and I'm a sucker for eggs, (especially the soft, yolky kind) so I had to give it a try myself when I saw what it was all about.  Hubby has a tendency to call soft egg yolk recipes elephant snot.  Gross, right?  I blame his dad for that lovely turn of phrase.  :)  And I can actually hear my father-in-law saying it in my mind as I'm writing this.  Once I tried my hand at making an egg in a hole, I'm pretty sure I made it for breakfast twice a week or more for a few weeks!  It's really good.  You can get the recipe HERE.

Gettin' toasty!
Granted, the butter factor is a tad high on this one, but it's oh-so-delicious.  Probably not something you want to eat every week, but maybe a little splurge every so often. Kind of like my take on eating biscuits with sausage gravy.  I only let myself indulge in that evilness once a year.  I usually end up caving before the end of January because it's too damn good and I know I've waited patiently all year long.  You probably don't have to be that strict with egg in a hole, though.  It's not quite as heart attack and cellulite inducing as biscuits and sausage gravy!

So, I guess little things like whipping up a simple, flavorful breakfast can be that needed boost when you have those less than stellar moments during the process of adjusting to a new home.  Or anytime you're going through difficulties, really.  The whole cooking process, from methodically chopping vegetables and prepping, to the enticing scents that fill the house, to the delicious end result of a hot meal is most definitely cathartic for me.

I forgot how BIG her ears were!
Food is and will always be comforting.  I remember on the day I found out it was time to put my 11 year, old 75 lb Shepherd mix Sammi to sleep because her kidneys were failing - I didn't know what to do with myself, so I cooked a big pot of meatballs.  Food = comfort.  Throw in a glass of red and I'm in heaven!  Well, except with breakfast.  That obviously calls for Mimosas or Bloody Marys.

But ya gotta limit those biscuits and sausage gravy - once a year, I tell ya!  Which reminds me.....I only have two more months until I can pull that trigger again.  Let the sausage gravy countdown begin!

Ta-ta for now. 

Ta-da!  Delicious Egg in a Hole

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